About me:

I am an experienced and passionate all-round 3D artist.

Working as a professional in the 3D graphics industry for more than 22 years, I am a skilled 3D generalist with lots of experience in a wide range of areas. As a visual thinker, I am helping clients translating their ideas into visual concepts. I have supervised and worked on countless 3D animation and visual effects projects, such as commercials, VFX for film, broadcast design, corporate movies and the production of hi-res CGI stills for advertisement purposes.

Inspired by “Jurassic Park” and “Beyond the Mind’s Eye”, in 1996 I decided to switch careers from being a software engineer to a 3D Artist. My technical education and my illustration skills helped me become an autodidact 3D artist in an age without specialised courses or YouTube tutorials.

I am a problem solver and a visual thinker with a taste for extraordinary challenges and ambitious projects.

Rolf van Slooten - 3D Artist

Primary skills:

Creation of Visual Concepts: translating ideas and processes into visuals

Project & Team Management

Problem solving

Modelling, Rigging, Shading and Simulations



Autodesk Maya


Blackmagic Fusion



After Effects



Animate CC